The Commissioner"s Office sternly criticizes US Cadjustable wristbandsongressman"s false remarks

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Protesters smash windows and vandalize an unidentified empty private car during an illegal protest in Yuen Long of Hong Kong SAR on Saturday. [Photo/China Daily]

The spokesperson of the Office of the Commissioner of China"s Foreign Ministry in the HKSAR deplores and firmly opposes the false remarks by Eliot L. Engel, Chairman of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, that he was "deeply concerned by the reports of police brutality in response to peaceful protests in Hong Kong" and that "allegations of police violence over the past weeks have tarnished Hong Kong"s international reputation for good governance and the fair administration of justice".

The spokesperson stated that since the return of Hong Kong, the Central Government has been committed to the principles of "One Country, Two Systems", "Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy in the HKSAR in strict accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law. As a result, the city has maintained prosperity and stability, and its people enjoy unprecedentedly extensive rights and freedoms. Hong Kong ranked the 16th for its rule of law performance in 2018 - higher than that of the US, by the way - while it ranked below 60th in 1996. These are undeniable facts. So what right do American politicians have to criticize human rights, freedoms and the rule of law of Hong Kong? They have never spoken out against the absence of human rights and freedoms in the city during the colonial period, nor showed concern about the status and situation of Hong Kong people back then. Now they are pointing fingers at the city that enjoys unprecedented rights and freedoms, and alleging that the Chinese Government continues to chip away at its freedoms and rights. Isn"t this bare-faced lying and typical double standard?

The spokesperson said that the rule of law is a core value of Hong Kong society and a cornerstone of its success. It is widely recognized that the SAR Government has been committed to law-based governance since the return of Hong Kong and that the rule of law here continues to improve. By proposing to amend the ordinances in accordance with law, the SAR Government aims to plug the loophole in the existing legal system and uphold social justice. The legislative procedure proceeded in accordance with law, and the amendments are in line with international law and common practices. It is, therefore, a just and reasonable effort that champions and helps improve the rule of law. When controversy arose, the SAR Government announced suspending the legislative exercise so as to listen more extensively to various sectors of society and restore calm and reason to society, which reflects how much it respects public opinion and commits itself to law-based governance.

The spokesperson pointed out that violence is violence, and cannot be justified by any demands. Some radicals in Hong Kong have run amok, who flagrantly stormed and vandalized LegCo, assaulted and even brutally bit off a finger of a police officer, stormed institutions of the Central Government in Hong Kong and defaced the national emblem. Such astonishing violent and illegal acts seriously trample upon the rule of law in Hong Kong, gravely undermine public order and security, and openly challenge the red line of "One Country, Two Systems". The facts are crystal clear and backed by solid evidence. Instead of admitting that some protesters are indeed radical, however, some American politicians and individual media insist that the protests were peaceful, accuse the Hong Kong police of brutality, and call on the SAR Government to uphold its commitment. Isn"t this mudslinging against their own conscience?

The spokesperson said that anyone without bias would acknowledge that the Hong Kong police have exercised great restraint and showed admiring professionalism in dealing with violence and deliberate provocation by rioters. Over the past few days, some citizens in New York poured water on NYPD officers, which was condemned at all levels from the president to the mayor and to the police as "completely unacceptable". So why do some Americans once and again connive at the extreme violent and anti-law acts by radicals in Hong Kong to storm and vandalize LegCo, assault the police and bite off an officer"s finger, storm Central Government institutions and deface the national emblem?

The spokesperson emphasized that the Central Government firmly supports Chief Executive Carrie Lam and the SAR Government in law-based governance, and the Hong Kong police in fulfilling their duties to protect public order and security in accordance with law. It firmly opposes any attempts by foreign governments, organizations or individuals to interfere in Hong Kong affairs and undermine the city"s prosperity and stability. We again urge some foreign politicians to immediately stop sending out wrong signals on violent illegal acts, immediately stop saying or doing anything that smears "One Country, Two Systems" and undermines Hong Kong"s prosperity and stability, and immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China"s domestic affairs as a whole.

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